As a representation of a company's activity, the purpose of the catalogue is not simply to inform but to impress. Fine paper, bright colours, and excellent printing are combined in this highly popular product. Regardless of the type of business it represents, the catalogue is a reliable way to attract the attention of potential clients. At Passat Press, that fact is well understood and every effort is made to ensure that all catalogues are produced according to the highest quality standards. The catalogue is a versatile product which can incorporate multiple distinctive features such as:

  • hard covers
  • embossing
  • wire-binding
  • pantone colours
  • inserted sections and flaps
  • UV and selective varnishing
  • gold/silver temperature stamping

By printing the finest of catalogues, the printing company strives to contribute to the success of its clients. At Passat Press, a catalogue is not simply an average print product - it is the embodiment of the client-supplier relationship.