Hardcover Books

In the printing industry, books are divided into two basic types: hardcover books and paperback books. The main differences between the two types of books are the type of binding and the thickness of their cover. As their name suggests, hardcover books are characterised by a rigid cover. The cover is usually sewn to the body of the book using strong thread. This website section is exclusively dedicated to hardcover books.  The variety of sophisticated printing equipment available at the printing-house contributes to a rich choice of finishing procedures:

  • lamination
  • embossing
  • selective varnishing 
  • gold/silver temperature stamping
  • bookbinding cloths and dust jackets

Hardcover books are intended to last for generations. They are a highly durable product. Hardcover books offer clients wide opportunities in the pursuit of originality. At Passat Press, hardcover books are bound with great care to quality standards.