Glamorous or vintage, shiny or subdued, Passat Press can print the magazine of your choice. For the last twenty years, Passat has printed a wide collection of magazines for clients from the fields of music, real estate and property management, tourism and catering, arts and crafts, hobbies, and professional photography. From the printer’s perspective, it appears that the magazines which enjoy the greatest popularity are those that possess distinctive design and printing features. That observation has been taken to heart at Passat Press, and a wide variety of services has been made available to provide every client with the necessary means of expression. Some of the special printing procedures include:

  • lamination

  • embossing

  • pantone colours

  • selective varnishing 

  • utility of artistic papers

  • gold/silver temperature stamping


In order to leave a lasting impression, a magazine should not only follow general aesthetic trends, but should also preserve its unique style and message. By allowing the client’s vision be manifested in one of the highest of printing standards, Passat Press helps insure that all has been made for a magazine to acquire prime position in its competitive field.

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