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Printing-house Passat Press works on customer demand. For that reason, we need to know the characteristics of your project. That allows us to estimate production costs (quote) and to give you useful advice.

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Passat Press International: Packaging, Book, and Label Printing

Established in 1990, Passat Press is an international printing company. The printing-house manufactures high-quality cardboard and paper folding boxes, roller labels, brochures, catalogues, hardcover and paperback books, leaflets and a wide variety of custom print products. Passat Press prints on demand for clients operating in multiple industrial and service sectors in Europe and beyond.

Receive Free Advice and Cost Estimate for Your Project

Contact Passat Press to receive a free and nonbinding consultation regarding your print project. The printing specialists at Passat Press help clients obtain a maximum advantage in terms of product quality and production cost. The team at Passat Press can advise on the technical procedures and finishing solutions which give any print product the best possible appearance. Advice is available concerning both non-profit and commercial projects.

Reasons to Trust Passat Press Printing Support

Communication, understanding, and loyalty – these are the main pillars of a successful business partnership. Passat Press provides more than the economical and quick manufacture and delivery of high-quality products. At Passat Press, printing is also about project advice, technical and logistic support, and confidentiality. Along with an excellent printing expertise, those values form the foundation of Passat’s business strategy.

Examples of Successful International Partnership

Printing-house Passat Press operates primarily on the European market. Key export destinations are Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The company also supplies print products for clients in the United States. Passat Press has developed a reliable network of logistic partners which ensure quick and safe delivery and shipment tracking. The company competently provides all required customs clearance documentation and support.

Main Industrial Clients of Passat Press

As a supplier of a wide variety of print products, Passat Press works together with organisations operating in different industrial and service sectors. Clients are unique in terms of their printing needs and requirements. For example, businesses in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries demand a steady supply of folding boxes and labels, while companies in the manufacturing and electronics sectors concentrate on catalogues.

Modern Printing Equipment

Printing-house Passat Press has two main production lines including sheetfed and roller offset printing machines. Sheetfed offset machines are dedicated to the printing of folding boxes, brochures, catalogues and leaflets. Alternatively, the roller printing machines are intended for label manufacture. Both production lines are equipped with the latest printing technology and produce optimal image quality. The specialization of the printing equipment enables extreme cost efficiency

Multiple Finishing Solutions

In order to allow customers to choose from a rich variety of finishing procedures, Passat Press is equipped with a range of finishing machines and devices. The list of the available finishing solutions includes lamination, selective UV varnish, hot foil printing, laser engraving, embossing and die-cutting, etc. The finishing process periphery also features a gluing station designed for folding box assembly, and a complete range of book-binding equipment.

Strategic Location of Production Facilities

The production facilities of printing-house Passat Press are situated in Varna, Bulgaria. The strategically situated city is well-connected to Europe and the world by land, sea, and air transport. The convenient location allows Passat Press to complete printing orders and to deliver them within the shortest time frame. Varna’s advanced logistic infrastructure makes a wide range of transport options available to customer preference.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since its consolidation, Passat Press has been actively engaged in the life of the local community. Passat Press sponsors local sailing clubs and a charity organisation dedicated to the artistic education of children and youth. In addition, Passat Press annually hosts free workshops for young people who seek professional development in the print industry. The reason is that Passat’s production facilities are an excellent example of print production organisation.

Environmentally Friendly Production

Sustainability in material, water and energy consumption and recycling is an important aspect of business strategy in Passat Press. All paper materials used in production originate from certified sources. Leftover paper and cardboard is submitted for recycling. The company has invested in solar energy panels which enable it to generate a large proportion of the energy required for production. Passat Press satisfies the international ISO energy efficiency standard.