Book Printing
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# Book Printing as a Sign of Distinction

Book printing is the classic manifestation of printing excellence. Passat Press printing-house prides itself on an extensive portfolio of high-profile editions. The company specialises in the manufacture of high-volume full-colour books. Although books are the result of a long evolution of artistic vision and craftsmanship, one of their most valued features is the permanence of their structural design and the information they contain.

# Judging a Book by its Cover

The book cover is the portal to its content. Essentially, the cover is the guide to the book’s purpose. Whether intended for artistic expression or commercial use, the book requires a cover which complements its content. Due to that reason,  there are a variety of cover options available on customer demand at Passat Press. Those options include hardcover, paperback, and hybrid. Each of these cover options is compatible with a range of suitable binding methods and finishing procedures.

# Hardcover Books

Hardcover books are the archetypical print product. In general, they feature wide format and a rich, voluminous multicolour content which is sewn together and securely attached to a finely finished rigid cover. Those books are made to impress and designed to last indefinitely. Hardcovers are the most sophisticated print product and their manufacture is a resource and labour intensive task which requires a high level of printing expertise.

# Softcover or Paperback Books

Softcover books are a very effective and economical way of transferring information across time and geographical space. This book model is popular worldwide for its convenience and easy transportation. Although lighter than their hardcover equivalents, softcover books are also very durable. Their durability relies on an extremely strong binding formula. Softcovers are an ideal medium for the realisation of both high-volume commercial series and limited edition self-publishing projects. 

# The Book is an Item with Multiple Purposes

Just as in the case of “brochure”, the word “book” is an overarching term which denotes a printing product, and not its purpose. In that regard, a book can serve as a showpiece for an artistic project, a commercial catalogue or a technical guide. Due to that reason, the choice of cover option and binding method follow the exact purpose for which the book is intended. Furthermore, the decision on binding method and cover strength should also be made after the page size and number are decided.

# Hybrid Covers

Passat Press offers a special hybrid-cover solution, which combines the strengths of the classic hardcover and the lighter softcover designs. The hybrid cover does not include a heavy paper-bounded cardboard support, as in the case of hardcover books. Instead, the hybrid cover is made of a durable and lightweight artboard. The cardboard cover is folded along the cover edge in the form of wings. The wings bestow the cover with incredible strength without compromising the book’s high-class appearance. 

# Schritt 1: Wir brauchen eine Beschreibung Ihres Projekts

Are you planning on printing a book? In order to help you, first we need to know the characteristics of your project.  Please provide the following information using the form below or send it to management@passatpress.com :

  • Book Type – Hardcover or Paperback
  • Dimensions
  • Verfügbarkeit von Druckdateien (Ja / Nein)
  • Menge (oder Menge pro Version)
  • Page Count (Contents + Cover)
  • Type and Weight of the Paper for the Cover and Content
  • Print Setting for Cover and Contents (e.g. Euroscale CMYK)
  • Cover finishing (e.g. Lamination / Embossing / Metal Effect / Slective UV-Varnish)
  • Binding (e.g. PUR / Sewn)
  • Alle zusätzlichen Informationen

Diese Informationen ermöglichen es uns, Ihnen einen Kostenvoranschlag und eine technische Beratung zuzusenden. Wenn Sie Hilfe bei der Entscheidung für ein bestimmtes technisches Detail benötigen, können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden und uns mehr über Ihr Projekt erzählen.

Fordern Sie ein Preisangebot für das beschriebene Projekt an

# Bookbinding Techniques Available at Passat Press

A Book’s purpose and volume determine the appropriate binding methods. Page range and paper thickness also play an important role in the process. Passat Press offers several extremely durable and highly reliable book binding techniques:

Square Back (PUR) Binding: This binding method involves the application of extremely strong polyurethane glue in order to hold editions in the medium page range. PUR-bound books are also known as square back. 

Thread-sewn Binding: This is the most sophisticated binding method available in the print industry. This is also the classic book binding method. Extremely reliable and highly aesthetic, the binding technique involves the sewing together of the content pages. This binding guarantees that the finished product withstands the test of time.

Spiral Binding: Used almost exclusively for commercial projects, the spiral binding method is a solution suitable for editions in the high page range. Spirals are extremely durable and can be used to hold together even the thickest editions. Regardless of the page number, spiral binding enables books to be opened at more than 180 degrees.

# Finishing Procedures 

Along with the above-mentioned binding methods, there is a wide range of finishing procedures available at Passat Press. Although primarily applied to a book’s cover, some of those procedures are also suitable for the content pages. The list of the standard finishing processes includes:

Laminierung: This procedure involves the application of a transparent protective layer which adds a silky-smooth or a high-gloss finish to the printed pages (Custom lamination styles such as Velvet and Anti-Scratch are also available on demand). In addition to improving visual appearance, lamination gives the book extra rigidity and protection. Lamination is obligatory for all books with a hard cover and a high page number.

Prägung: This is a process whereby texture is added to the surface of a page. In general, texture is used to emphasize specific elements of a book’s cover design. The embossing effect is achieved using a matrix and a stamping press – a completely automated process at Passat Press.

Metalleffekt: The aim of this process, also known as high-temperature foil stamping, is to visually replicate the lustre of a particular natural metal. This effect is achieved via a heated cliché, and a thermal-transfer metallic foil. Popular metal effects include gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Lustre variants “polished” and “crude” are available for each metal. Hot foil printing is regularly used on book covers but it can also be applied to a book’s back.

Selektiver UV-Lack: This is a transparent high-gloss coating, which accentuates certain visual components of the visual design. The selective, or partial, UV varnish covers only specially selected elements. That is a significant departure from lamination, which covers the entire printed page. There are two variants of selective UV varnish – a flat 2D coating and a volumetric 3D coating – both perfectly suitable for sophisticated cover concepts.

Laser schneiden: At Passat Press, book covers can be finely cut using a high-precision laser. This procedure delivers an astonishing visual effect. This service marks an intersection between printing and engraving technology. The laser cutting technology is perfectly suitable for top-quality editions.

Manuelle Operationen: The list of standard finishing procedures is not exhaustive of every finishing option available at Passat Press. The printing company offers a wide range of custom manual finishing works. Examples include the addition of ribbons, elastic or magnetic closures, the perforation of page dividers, etc.

# Books Manufactured at Passat Press Are Popular in a Variety of Fields:

Printing-house Passat Press has a production line dedicated to book manufacture. The company prints on demand according to customer specifications regarding visual design, printing preference and binding method. Multiple commercial and public organisations are supplied with books manufactured by Passat Press. The majority of those organisations operate in the following fields:

  • Art & Photography
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Werbung
  • Unterhaltung
  • Science
  • Lifestyle & Leisure