Label Printing
Sheetfed & Roller

# Label Printing at Passat Press 

In a world of secure and standardised packaging, labels are not only about advertising. They carry vital information which allow consumers to determine the content and the function of a given food product, medicine, or appliance. Passat Press printing-house manufactures labels on demand for a variety of different industries. The labels are printed and finished with regard to their purpose and application.

# Custom Labels Printed on a Roll 

Printing labels on a roll is the most popular way of label manufacturing. This is especially true when the labels are intended for the needs of large industrial enterprises. Passat Press offers a huge variety of roller labels. Every label order is optimised for the most suitable printing technology and equipment. That approach guarantees that clients receive optimal quality and the best unit production cost.

# Step 1: We Need a Description of Your Project

Are you planning on printing labels? In order to help you, first we need to know the characteristics of your project.  Please provide the following information using the form below or send it to management@passatpress.com :

  • Label Dimensions
  • Purpose and method of placement
  • Availability of Print Files (Yes / No)
  • Quantity (or Quantity per Version)
  • Type and Weight of Paper / Material
  • Print Setting (e.g. Euroscale CMYK + 1 Pantone)
  • Finishing (e.g. Lamination / Die-cutting / Embossing / Metal Effect / Slective UV-Varnish)
  • Any Additional Information

This information will enable us to send you a price estimate and technical advice. If you need help to decide on a certain technical detail, please feel free to contact us and tell us more about your project.

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# Roller Label Types 

PET / PP Adhesive Foil Labels:

These are highly durable labels intended for mass produced products. The foil foundation enables high saturation colour printing and a wide range of finishing procedures.

High-quality Paper Labels:

Passat Press offers an extensive list of adhesive paper options. Smooth or structured, the paper used in label manufacturing gives products a high-class appearance. The paper label is a classic solution which is highly popular in the food, wine, and beverage industries.

Thermal Transfer Labels:

These labels allow clients to print individual numeration on every label using a thermal-transfer printer. Thermal-transfer labels can be made of a variety of strong materials and can be delivered printed, finished, or blank, depending on customer demand

Multi-layer Labels:

The printing equipment at Passat Press offers clients the option of a multilayer label featuring single or full-colour print on each label side (including on the glue layer). This is a perfect solution for the food and cosmetics industry, where extensive product content descriptions are often required.

Metal-effect Foil Labels:

These labels are printed on a highly durable material which is virtually indistinguishable from a genuine metal surface. There is a range of metal effects available on demand. The visual appearance of the metal-effect label is well suited for high-quality consumer products.

# Label for Automatic Application

Roller labels allow high-speed automatic application. That indispensable quality makes roller labels a printing product of choice of manufacturers and retailers who require large quantities of labels to be applied very quickly and efficiently on their automated production and assembly lines. These labels are easy to transport and store. Passat Press printing-house can produce and deliver roller labels very quickly to clients in the EU and beyond.

# Temperature Resistant Labels

The high-quality PET / PP foils used in label printing at Passat Press are highly resistant to temperature. The temperature spectrum covered by the labels ranges from extreme cold to scorching heat. That quality of the advanced foundation materials is mirrored by the inks and the obligatory protective coatings. Due to their high temperature resistance, the labels manufactured at Passat Press can endure for years even in the most hostile environmental conditions.

# Labels Delivered on Paper Sheets

In addition to high-volume roller label manufacture, Passat Press offers a solution for customers seeking classic sheet-printed labels. Usually, those labels are intended for boutique products of very high quality and limited quantities. Sheetfed label printing is incredibly efficient when projects include multiple label types each of which to be printed in low or medium numbers. Sheetfed label printing also compatible with a wide range of finishing solutions.

# Finishing Solutions

Printing-house Passat Press is equipped with a versatile production line for a range of finishing procedures. These finishing solutions include:

Lamination: This finishing procedure entails the application of a transparent protective layer which adds a silky-smooth or a high-gloss finish to the printed artwork (Custom lamination styles are also available on demand). In addition to improving visual appearance, lamination gives the label extra rigidity and protection. The protective lamination layer is highly durable. It is thermally applied to permanently seal the foundation material and the ink from the environment.

Embossing: This is a process whereby texture is added to the surface of the labels. In general, texture is used to emphasize specific elements of the design. Nevertheless, embossed symbols can also serve as braille inscriptions and warning signs. The embossing effect is achieved using a matrix and a stamping press – a completely automated process at Passat Press.

Metal Effect: The aim of this process, also known as high-temperature foil stamping, is to visually replicate the lustre of a particular metal. This effect is achieved via a heated cliché, and a thermal-transfer metallic foil. Popular metal effects include gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Lustre variants “polished” and “crude” are available for each metal. Ultra-bright fluorescent colour and a variety of holograms are also available on demand.

Selective UV Varnish: This is a transparent high-gloss coating, which accentuates certain visual components of the label design. The selective, or partial, UV varnish covers only specially selected elements of the artwork. That is a significant departure from lamination, which covers the entire label. There are two variants of selective UV varnish – a flat 2D coating and a volumetric 3D coating – both perfectly suitable for sophisticated design concepts.

# Industrial Clients of Passat Press

Printing-house Passat Press prints and delivers labels for clients in a variety of industrial sectors. The company is well situated on the European market. The majority of labels manufactured at Passat Press are intended for customers in the following production and service sectors: 

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Food & Drinks
  • Wine & Alcohol
  • Retail
  • Luxury & Leisure

This list is not exhaustive of all the service and manufacturing sectors linked with the production line of Passat Press printing-house. Regardless of their specialisation and requirements, all current and prospective customers of Passat Press are entitled to a free consultation and advice regarding their print projects.