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# Print Advertising Means Permanence in an Age of Change

As a tangible object, leaflets are a highly popular form of advertising, even in an age of mass online communication. Unlike fleeting digital adverts, leaflets have a permanent presence. Passat Press receives orders for a variety of high-end leaflets intended for subscription marketing. Combining an attractive visual design, top-quality print, and effectual finishing, leaflets can provoke their recipients interminably.

# What is a Leaflet?

The leaflet is defined as a single-sheet print product. Leaflets are usually printed in full colour on both sides. As such, leaflets require a material which is sufficiently thick to prevent transparency. Leaflets can be folded or unfolded. An unfolded leaflet is also called a flyer, while a folded leaflet is referred to as a depliant (a derivative of the Ancient Greek διπλόω (diplóō, “I double, fold over”).  The volume of information a leaflet can deliver ultimately depends on its size and the number of its folds and pages. 

# Leaflet Sides and Sizes:

The maximum print format available at Passat Press is enough to accommodate even the largest leaflets.The first stages in leaflet production are printing and trimming to size. Depending on customer specification, the leaflet can then be folded. When a leaflet is folded in two, it becomes a depliant with four pages. The folding is done along previously determined folding lines. By corollary, a six-page leaflet contains two folding lines. Nevertheless, the size and the number of folds are not the only parameters which need to be assigned prior to production.

 # Request Advise and a Free and Non-binding Quote:

Clients who wish to receive a free and non-binding quotation are required to submit all the available information regarding their print project. Passat Press offers free advice to customers who wish to strike a perfect balance between visual appearance and production cost.

Request Price Offer for Described Project

# Practical and High Quality Leaflets:

In addition to the standard full-colour print, leaflets can be finished to perfection according to an extensive list of finishing procedures available at Passat Press. The finishing procedures accentuate certain aspects of the leaflet’s visual design in order to give it a truly unique appearance which attracts the attention of the recipient. The list of standard finishing procedures offered by Passat Press printing-house includes:

Lamination: The application of a transparent protective layer which adds a silky-smooth or a high-gloss finish to the printed image (Custom lamination styles are also available on demand). In addition to improving visual appearance, lamination gives the leaflet extra rigidity and protection. The protective lamination layer is highly durable. It is thermally applied to permanently seal the paper and the ink from the environment.

Embossing: This is a process whereby texture is added to the surface of the leaflet. In general, texture is used to emphasize specific elements of the design. Nevertheless, embossed symbols can also serve as braille inscriptions and warning signs. The embossing effect is achieved using a matrix and a stamping press – a completely automated process at Passat Press.

Metal Effect: The aim of this process, also known as high-temperature foil stamping, is to visually replicate the lustre of a particular natural metal. This effect is achieved via a heated cliché, and a thermal-transfer metallic foil. Popular metal effects include gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Lustre variants “polished” and “crude” are available for each metal. Ultra-bright fluorescent colours and a variety of holograms are also available on demand.

Selective UV Varnish: This is a transparent high-gloss coating, which accentuates certain visual components of the leaflet. The selective, or partial, UV varnish covers only specially selected elements of the surface of the product. That is a significant departure from lamination, which covers the entire leaflet. There are two variants of selective UV varnish – a flat 2D coating and a volumetric 3D coating – both perfectly suitable for sophisticated design concepts.

Laser Cutting: At Passat Press, packaging can be finely cut using a high-precision laser. This procedure delivers an astonishing visual effect. This service marks an intersection between printing and engraving technology. The laser cutting technology is perfectly suitable for top-quality boutique leaflets.

Manual operations: The list of standard finishing procedures is not exhaustive of every finishing option available at Passat Press. The printing company offers a wide range of custom manual finishing works. It is highly recommended that a description of the requested procedures be submitted upon quotation request.

# Specifying Folding Options:

There are several leaflet folding options available at Passat Press. Leaflets with more than a single folding line can be folded in a roll fold, an accordion fold, a gate fold or a parallel fold. Once folded vertically or horizontally according to one of those methods, the leaflets can then be folded around the other axis of symmetry. Folded leaflets are not only ideal for advertising purposes, but also function well as instructions, user guides, maps and content lists.

# Leaflets for Service and Industrial Sectors

The versatility of the leaflet makes it a widely applicable and a highly desired print product. Passat Press manufactures leaflets in different quantities for a wide range of businesses. The clients who usually order leaflets operate in the following industrial and service sectors:

  • Catering
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Luxury & Leisure