Folding Boxes & Packaging

# Cardboard Packaging Printing and Manufacture:

Cardboard and paper packaging is the link between a product and its commercial success. Printing-house Passat Press offers the print and finish which products require in order to gain a competitive edge on the market. The paper packaging manufactured at Passat Press aims to give full expression of a packaging visual design. That is achieved thanks to an in-depth knowledge of each part of the printing process and to the ability to satisfy the highest standards in the printing industry.

# Step 1: We Need a Description of Your Project

You require packaging? In order to help you, first we need to know the characteristics of your project.  Please provide the following information using the form below or send it to management@passatpress.com :

  • The Function of the Packaging
  • Internal Dimensions – Width, Lenght, Height
  • Quantity (or Quantities per Image Version, if more than one version)
  • Availability of Print Files 
  • Material (e.g. Coated Cardboard GC1 350 g/m²)
  • Print Setting (e.g. Euroscale CMYK + 1 Pantone, Single Side / Both Sides)
  • Finishing (e.g. Lamination / Embossing / Metal Effect)
  • Any Additional Information

This information will enable us to send you a price estimate and technical advice. If you are not sure about a certain technical detail, or you are starting your project from zero, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your goals.

Request Price Offer for Described Project

# Standard and Custom Folding Boxes:

Paper and cardboard packaging comes in different shapes and sizes. The final form and functionality of a box is determined by the design of its cutting-die. The file containing the cutting-die design serves as an instruction according to which the packaging is folded and cut. Cutting-die design and manufacture are standard-regulated processes. It is essential that the shape of the packaging is well suited for the packing process. For example, the choice between a standard and an automatic bottom box depends on the available packing method. 

# High-quality Finishing Solutions:

Passat Press’s versatile in-house production offers an extensive range of finishing solutions for paper packaging. Finishing is the key to successful sales. The term “finishing” encompasses all those procedures that are performed after the ink has been applied to the paper foundation in accordance with the packaging design. More specifically, however, finishing refers to those enhancements in the visual appearance of a paper box, which elevate the product to a level above the standard full-colour print. Those enhancements include:

Lamination: The application of a transparent protective layer which adds a silky-smooth or a high-gloss finish to the printed artwork (Custom lamination styles are also available on demand). In addition to improving visual appearance, lamination gives the packaging extra rigidity and protection. The protective lamination layer is highly durable. It is thermally applied to permanently seal the paper and the ink from the environment.

Embossing: This is a process whereby texture is added to the surface of the packaging box. In general, texture is used to emphasize specific elements of the design. Nevertheless, embossed symbols can also serve as braille inscriptions and warning signs. The embossing effect is achieved using a matrix and a stamping press – a completely automated process at Passat Press.

Metal Effect: The aim of this process, also known as high-temperature foil stamping, is to visually replicate the lustre of a particular natural metal. This effect is achieved via a heated cliché, and a thermal-transfer metallic foil. Popular metal effects include gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Lustre variants “polished” and “crude” are available for each metal. Ultra-bright fluorescent colours and a variety of holograms are also available on demand.

Selective UV Varnish: This is a transparent high-gloss coating, which accentuates certain visual components of the packaging design. The selective, or partial, UV varnish covers only specially selected elements of the artwork. That is a significant departure from lamination, which covers the entire packaging. There are two variants of selective UV varnish – a flat 2D coating and a volumetric 3D coating – both perfectly suitable for sophisticated design concepts.

Laser Cutting: At Passat Press, packaging can be finely cut using a high-precision laser. This procedure delivers an astonishing visual effect. This service marks an intersection between printing and engraving technology. The laser cutting technology is perfectly suitable for packaging intended for top-quality boutique products.

Manual operations: The list of standard finishing procedures is not exhaustive of every finishing option available at Passat Press. The printing company offers a wide range of custom manual finishing works for packaging. Examples include the addition of transparent PVC window, hook and loop fasteners, magnet locks, etc. It is highly recommended that a description of the requested procedures be submitted.

The aim of the finishing stage, whether consisting of a single operation or of a combination of procedures is to give full expression of a packaging visual design. The finishing solutions chosen for a packaging are also by themselves a representation of the contained product and its qualities.

# Certified Materials and Environmental Standards:

Paper packaging production begins with a sheet of coated cardboard or corrugated fibreboard. In each case, the paper materials employed in packaging box production at printing-house Passat Press originate from sustainable sources. The origin of the materials is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). In addition to working with sustainable materials, Passat Press has invested in energy saving and water purification devices. The energy efficiency of the printing-house satisfies the international ISO standard.

# Packaging for the Industry:

Passat Press printing-house produces hundreds of thousands of high-quality packaging folding boxes. All packaging is produced according to clients’ custom request, their own design, and their unique printing preference. Passat Press supplies paper packaging to multiple industrial sectors including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Luxury & Leisure